Where to begin? It all started when I was a young boy and pl…..let’s just say the reason for me having the low-down and what-nots of my campaign up for your viewing pleasure is because a good friend of mine turned me onto it as a gift for the holidays. Normally, I am not a big blog/forum/etc/ fan, but since this has to do with DnD (well at least for me), I am quite impressed with this site and plan on using it..just as I figure some stuff out on it.

In any event, “Welcome!” to my campaign"Heroes of the Veiled Cataclysm". A DnD 4th Edition home brew campaign. This campaign started over year ago maybe almost two…no Just over a year ago. It wasn’t originally supposed to be a whole campaign. I had originally just started to play DnD again after a very long hiatus. BTW, I LOVE DnD Especially 4E…all you nay-nayers, a pox on you! But I digest, I had just planned on playing every once in awhile since I have a family and (had) a full time job. But the more I played, the more I wanted to play. I just so happen to meet a group of great guys who all came together and, for the most part, didn’t know one another. We played once every two weeks and got together for the rare but regular Game Days. After a short while, I was hooked. I eventually became a TO (Tournament Organizer), and our group has reached paragon level and now are on their way to reaching lvl 13!

Our group has gone through many changes, players have moved on characters have died. However, I have been a fortunate DM to have those others replaced by those of equal or greater value; though the other swill be missed.

This campaign never really has had a name until recently…very recently like a week ago from the opening of this account.

We currently have six players who come just about every week and play for hours on end. Oh, before I forget I must give a shout out to my lovely and supportive wife Tina. She has allowed me to play as often as I would like (with in reason of course, b/c if I had my way I’d play just about every day though I could only have the energy to DM for 2 of the 7 days.

I will try and update this as oten as I can. Check back regularly as you see fit.

Good gaming all!

Heroes of the Veiled Cataclysm

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