Heroes of the Veiled Cataclysm

The advneture so far!
What's next?

The abridged version of this campaign is: a group of adventurers who knew of each other came together in the town of Fallcrest, in Greyhawk on Oerth. They were chosen of Bahamut (whether they worshiped or revered him or not) and sent of a quest that would test them to see if they were worthy enough to fulfill the quest that would be set upon them. Through trial and error they continued to grow getting into and out of trouble saving the day just about everywhere they went. It wasn’t until they were accidentally thrown across the planes to the world of Fareun by an enchanted Jade Chalice that they found out that they are not the only group of adventures who’s purpose it is and chosen of Bahamut, to stop a great threat that seeks to destroy all that is good and right and that threat spans planes, time. and space (ok a bit cliche, but hey I have a life outside DnD too you know). Since their plane crossing was purely accidental, they HAD to find a way back to their own world ASAP.

When they arrive back at their new town jumping off point, the ever popular village of Hommlet ad find a Cult of Orcus operating right under their very noses. After defeating the “big boss” of the local cult and losing two more valued members, they set set off to the Tomb of Horrors where they lose even more party members; In fact, with member dieing and just up and leaving, there was only one valiant warrior left: the ever mighty and sometimes pious Tiefling of Bahamut, Titus The player as well as the Character is the ONLY original PC that has beenthrough out the entire adv. from start to now…is there a reason for this? Who knows, if it is written in the stars, then mayyyybeee.

Tha group has recently defeded Restwell Keep from an evil Cleric and two young black dragons who were brother and sister. They subsequently left the Feywild as part of their continuing mission to find several important artifacts that play an intricate part in the overall scheme of the universe’s as well of all good-kind’s fate as per the Eladrin named Paelis.

Sidebar During the defending of Restwell keep, Titus mysteriously disappeared. Upon finding Titus near the clearing where they first arrived in the Feywild, bloodied and unconsious, they heal him and he tells the tale of how he was transported via a ritual performed by a long family Nemesis – Sestious Andonaco. Sestious obtained and performed thsi ritual, at the cost of his soul, to bring Titus to him so he may slay him and use Titus’ blood for another ritual that would erase the bloodline of Titus’ family making his familthe only and most prominent family in the area where they lived. Titus of course defetes Sastious not only distruptiong the plans to erase Titus from history but also by fulfilling the side quest he was obligated to undergo by his drawing of a Ruin card from the Deck of Many Things. end Sidebar

Upon reaching and activating the portal, whoes frame was made up of the five heads of Tiamat, they made their way back to Grehawk but arrived on the other side of the continent near a town name Fehrys. There they purchasd an small home with the riches they have obtained.

They met the town contable Lindon, The mayor Jantzen MEdronna and his brother the town hero Rakin, Jake the smithy/carpenter, and the buxom barmistress Jara Nahele.

One night the contable arrived at the door of the heroes with a map of the area where upon leaving the mayor and town security oficer Kiet plead with Lindon and the PC’s to find Rakin who has gone missing. Now tasked with finding Rakin they adventure to a fallen tower. Upon fighting their way down intothe depths of the tower, they find Rakin barely alive and are informed that Kiet has betrayed Rakin, but to what end?


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